Green Baby… More than just reusable diapers!

productimage-picture-snappi-fasteners-73I told you guys that through some of these postings you would get to know me personally. This post in particular, for all you moms out there- especially those in Wilmington, NC- this is a step towards our friendship!

My 3.5 month old baby boy, Ezra, started teething about a month ago. Although I had heard about the woes and tribulations of teething for both the baby and the parents, I never imagined it would be quite like this. Granted, for each child it is different. Some babies suddenly have one or two teeth appear in their mouth and their parents never ever notice a difference in their little one’s personality. However, for me, this hasn’t been the case.

Ezra started sleeping through the night when he was 2.5 months old. But, suddenly, a week later, he was shoving everything into his mouth, drooling, and very cranky. Not only was his personality not the normal happy-go-lucky that it normally is but, he was no longer sleeping! He stayed awake almost 24/7… sleeping only 20-30 minutes at a time. My husband and I stayed up for virtually 10 days! I was pulling my hair out trying to think of everything that I could to help my poor teething baby.

I had heard of baltic amber necklaces being natural pain relievers by releasing acid in your body that is the natural equivalent to ibuprofen. They make them for babies but, I had always been skeptical; especially because I had never met anyone who had actually used it.

One day, last week, I went for a jog at The Loop at Wrightsville Beach and met a woman who was wearing one and so was her toddler. She highly recommended them and, being desperate, I decided to try it out. The woman told me that Green Baby Diaper Service (Oleander Rd) was the only place in town that sold them so I rushed right over (so far, the necklace seems to make a difference). As soon as I walked in I felt at ease and was very pleased with the way that the store was set up.

Liz, the owner and pictured above with her youngest son, was very friendly and helpful. She explained a lot of the products in the boutique to me and I definitely plan on revisiting! Liz stocks a lot of unique products that are for all babies to use, not just those who have reusable diapers. The environment in her storefront is laid back and easy going. I must have stayed there and visited with her for over an hour!

Liz is personable, fair, and reasonable. The prices of the items she has in her inventory are amazingly affordable! I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. She is also very talented; hand-making items for pleasure that she is willing to sell to families on a budget that want to spoil and/or care for their little ones with natural solutions and adorable merchandise. If you happen to visit her, ask to see the pinwheels that she constructs- they are fantastic!

Visit the Green Baby Diaper Service website by clicking on the photo above, or show their Facebook page some affection by clicking the icon below.



  1. Sandy M. says:

    Very nice review! I totally agree about being able to visit there for an hour! It very relaxing and we love everything about Liz and her store! Glad that she is a part of the small businesses here in Wilmington!

  2. Hi Quin,
    You are so beautiful and I love your baby’s name, Ezra! =) Do you watch Pretty Little Liars? Just wondering. Ezra is Lucy Hale’s love interest and he’s so dreamy. hehe.

    Anyways, that’s so cool that there was a cute boutique store nearby that was helpful for you and your little one! It’s nice to know there are still shops like that with owners who are very personable.

    Also, North Carolina is so pretty! A friend in my grad program actually went to UNC Wilmington, and my husband has some family nearby in Holly Springs. We just visited this Summer, and plan on going when it starts to snow since I’ve never seen snow! =)

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