Maternity Photos | Why Spend the Money?

You might be one of those people that despises getting your picture taken, like me, and prefers to spend time behind the camera. Or maybe, you are convinced that the pictures you take of yourself are the best.

Sure, the Instagram progress pics you take of your belly growing and the funny moments you share with your Facebook friends through home video are cute & quirky, but are you at all considering having professional maternity photos done?

Many women contemplate having maternity photos taken at some point in their pregnancy. Their partner may even join in on the idea and brainstorm. However, a lot of couples reason that maternity photos are a waste of money when “Cousin Cindy is pretty good with a camera” or “Mom is probably gonna get some next to her prized roses in the backyard”. Though, those photos are likely precious to your family members and can easily be taken during the convenience of a baby shower or family bbq, they don’t really lend to the intimacy & quality that having your photos done by someone experienced can give.

Setting up a time/place that means something to you, choosing something special to wear that showcases maternal beauty, having your older kids involved, and focusing on letting the unity & bonding with your new addition stream into your still-frames is an irreplaceable experience.

I know some of you are thinking ‘The experience is worth the time and effort, but what about the money?’ My response to you in that regard is:

  • FIND A PHOTOGRAPHER THAT FITS YOUR NEEDS. Not every photographer will charge you an arm and a leg for an hour of shots and a disc of them afterward. Do research on photographers in your area. Find out who is most cost effective and if their prices are higher than you think they should be make sure you ask why.
  • KNOW WHAT YOU DO AND DO NOT WANT FROM YOUR SESSION. If their are specific products and services that you know are offered by most photographers, such as canvas prints, coffee table/storybooks…etc. decide up front if you are interested in these promotions/special features. Also, if there are products and services you would like to have provided, such as printable pregnancy announcements or birth photography, ask in advance if these can be worked into your photo package or if you will need to take care of the customization and cost on your own later. Knowing details like this will save you, and your photographer, time & energy!
  • DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE. When you succeed in finding a photographer that you “click with” to take your maternity photos, book them as soon as possible. Think ahead. I cannot stress enough how important it is to plan when it comes to getting the best, quality photos. Even if you are only 8 weeks pregnant while looking into photographers, take the time to consider how you might feel- both emotionally and physically- by the time you are 32-36 weeks pregnant. Also, think about who should be involved in your session. Do you have older children already? Would you like to just a mommy and baby shoot, or will your significant other join in? The more insight you can provide to your photographer, the better your experience will be!
  • DON’T BE AFRAID TO BE PICKY; GET COMFORTABLE. Last, but not least, don’t be afraid to have poses, colors, outfits, locations…etc. in mind before the date of your session. Granted, it isn’t necessary to go overboard worrying about every little detail, but if you are a little obsessive compulsive about wanting your photos to look “just so” make sure you let your photographer be aware of that aspect of your personality. Ask s/he if they mind you emailing them examples of things you found and like, questions if you have a concern…etc. Being comfortable with your photographer is #1 and if you can’t confirm the weather report with them 3 times in a week before your session, just because that’s who you are, they might not be the photographer for you.

Saving money is often a key objective when you are saving to have a new little life join yours. However, saving on memories is something we all regret doing at one point or another. The weeks and moments right before you bring your bundle of love into the world are some of the most priceless… Capture as many as you can :)

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